Don’t be let down by inferior equipment

Why Anteo? Anteo Tail-Lifts are the world leaders for a reason – they’re simply the best! Where traditional steel tail-lifts are additional weight for not only your truck, but also your maintenance bills, the aluminium Anteo Tail-Lift is far more durable and can carry over five times its own weight. Topped with the superior hydraulic technology and state-of-the-art design and easy-to-use controls. It’s easy to see why more Australian operators are choosing Anteo as their preferred tail-lift supplier.

Anteo Tail-Lifts have met all the strict and rigid demands of European Union health and safety regulations. They also meet all the necessary standards of NSW Government Legislation, the Roads & Traffic Authority, and Work Cover NSW. So, when you choose an Anteo Tail-Lift, you choose a product that does not only increase commercial success but also increases driver safety, driver performance and retention. That is why Anteo is the industry leader in tail lifts.

Cross-section of the Anteo platform for additional strength

The Latest European Technology

Fixed control box with toggle switch, function selector, and battery isolator switch

Built-in safety solenoid on all cylinders

L.E.D. warning lights on the end of platform for safe operation

Foot controls on Anteo platform for hands-free easy and safe functionality

Anteo’s soundproof power box for whisper free operation

Pallet safety stops for load security