LOAD CAPACITY *1500-2000kg

The retractable tail-lift F3RE 15/20 CMC COMPACT is the ideal tail-lift for distribution vehicles due to its versatility, large platforms and ease of use.

The tail-lift is stowed away under the vehicle making it ideal for dock loading.

F3RE 15/20 CMC COMPACT is suggested and especially designed for rigid vehicles with very short overhang.

* 1 folds platform: platforms depth from 1333 mm to 1983 mm. **Approximate weight for tail-lift with platform width 2450 mm. Centre of gravity of the vehicle depending on the type of arm and the size of the installations on the vehicle (see assembly instructions). The above-mentioned weights are approximate and may vary according to production. Anteo reserves the right to change weights and technical specifications without prior notice. No indemnity for damages can be claimed from Anteo for changes in technical specifications and/or in weight.

Cylinders2 lift cylinders
+ 2 tilt cylinders
+ 1 automatic tilt cylinder
Tilt cylindersSingle Acting
Automatic tilt at ground levelYes, hydraulic
Platform materialAluminium
Lift arm widths (W)1230 mm
Platform depths aluminium1 fold 1483 - 1683 - 1783 mm
(max 2033)
2 folds 1333 - 1633 - 1833 mm
Platform widths aluminium2100 - 2250 - 2400 mm
(Max 2500)
Standard control unit:Unit Exterior control box with joystick, turn button