Our dedicated Anteo team covers your business wherever you go 24/7

No matter the time or place – whether you’re tail lift has broken down, has a faulty part, or will not operate to the normal standards – we’ll be there to get your business moving again.

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You deliver nationally, that’s why Anteo support you nationally 24/7

With Australia’s largest roadside assistance network and over 30 years experience in Anteo, you can rest assured you’ll always be in the safest of hands.

Whatever your level of emergency, our servicing technicians will get you and your goods moving fast, to ensure your delivery, is not compromised.

The best warranty in Australia, don’t compromise

Your 4 years Anteo warranty period commences after your new Anteo Tail-lift has been installed by an authorised Anteo dealer. Anteo warrants that if any part of the Anteo Tail-lift is found to be defective in factory materials or workmanship within the 4 year warranty period, it will be replaced with genuine Anteo parts or adjusted by an authorised Anteo technician free of charge.

You must keep your Anteo tail-lift serviced twice a year to keep it under warranty and must be carried out by an authorised Anteo dealer.

Please note, the warranty is voided if damage attributable to impact, road traffic accident or misuse of the Anteo tail-lift. This offer does not include Roadside Assistance. For more details contact.