Anteo Cantilever Tail-Lift

The Cantilever Tail-Lift is ideal for the most demanding applications in the regular transport business, such as supermarket and food distribution. With smooth hydraulic automatic tilt, high stiffness ideal to equip vehicles for customers that like high performances.

Anteo Tuckaway Tail-Lift

The Tuckaway folding tail lifts are the ideal tail lifts for distribution, vehicle rental companies, for vehicles where the maximum variable use is needed and/or vehicles for docking work.

anteo retractable tail lift

Anteo Retractable Tail Lift

The Retractable Tali-Lift is stowed away under the vehicle making it ideal for dock loading. Is specially designed for rigid vehicles.

Anteo Panel Van Lift

The Panel Van Tail-Lift has been designed and built for panel vans and can be installed easily without modifications to the host vehicle. Installation is made quick and easy with individual mounting brackets for most vans.

Ideal for working panel vans that require a high-speed operation and quality performances.

Anteo Column Tail-Lift

This lift has been designed for utility and light commercial vehicles with flatbed or drop sided bodywork. The lift provides a facility to load the rear of the vehicle over the lowered platform without having to unfold the platform, reducing the possibility of damaging the platform.

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