Anteo 4 Year Warranty Promise

Anteo tail lifts are an industry-leading product with lasting quality and come with a *4-year warranty.
Our aim is to have Happy and Satisfied customers around the world. It’s critical if your tail lift on your vehicle breaks down on the road (whether in or out of their *4-year warranty), that repairs are carried out quickly. If not, you could lose your entire load.

That’s why Anteo offers a 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service to get you back on the road quickly. Our 24-hour Service is also available for repairs to our Anteo Tail-Lift products.

Through a network of service agents, your vehicle is protected state-wide and nationwide. We also guarantee payment to our agents for call-outs, which means they will always turn out, regardless of the hour.

With clients such as Toll, McKey Distribution, VersaCold, Scott’s and Linfox using our 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service, you can rest assured your problem will be fixed quickly and your valuable cargo saved and deliveries made.

*You must keep your tail lift serviced twice a year to keep it under its 4-year warranty.

anteo 4-year warranty

Anteo Advanced Technology

A *4-year warranty gives you peace of mind, however, Anteo Tail-Lifts are the world leaders for a reason – they’re simply the best! Where traditional steel tail-lifts add additional weight to not only your truck but also your maintenance bills, the aluminium Anteo Tail-Lift is far more durable and can carry over five times its own weight.

This is topped with superior hydraulic technology, state-of-the-art design and easy-to-use controls. It’s easy to see why more Australian operators are choosing Anteo as their preferred tail-lift supplier. Sophisticated instruments such as the 3D size detection machine, the computerised hardness testers and the corrosion-proof testing chamber are used to increase the accuracy of control and the efficiency in manufacturing.

After production and before assembling, each component is then tested once again to ensure the best quality is met. These tests ensure that a *4-year warranty is designed to keep you on the road.

*You must keep your tail lift serviced twice a year to keep it under its 4-year warranty.